Passport Issues

Well, as I sit here watching Las Vegas and eating Oreo cookies I am thinking it's nice to have the house to myself! The boys are sleeping and hubby is out having a drink at a friends. Quiet, quiet, quiet. And no interruptions. {sigh} It's wonderful.

What a crazy day! Currently we are wondering if we will even be going on our trip to Florida (leaving Feb 5) or not. I am the only one with a valid passport. Ross and both boys need to apply for theirs still. I have been trying to get Ross to apply since Jan started. He was going to apply for them today except guess what? Where I thought I put Kyler's birth certificate is not where it is. We turned the house upside down looking for it and it is NOWHERE! So, I had to pay almost $100 to apply online for another one with priorty 5 day delivery service. Then we will have to pay who-knows-how-much to have priorty service for his passport too. Ross is going to apply for his & Jaedenn's passport Monday and hopefully it will be early enough to pay just the regular fee for theirs. Here's hoping!


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