New Years Resolution

I have been thinking of my New Years Resolutions and my one word that will represent what I want to focus on this year. I had decided on Productive because I do want to be more productive in my life. Not just sitting down infront of the t.v. vegging all day as I usually do. However, it just doesn't sound very encouraging to me. So, today looking through the 2007 challenges on the 2peas site I was struck by Maria Grace Abuzman's resolution l.o. "Be a Better You everyday". I think that will be my motto for this year ~ and from that my word {BETTER}. A little more motivating and encouraging. That being said these are my resolutions for this year:

General ~ to keep up with daily chores.
Specific ~ keep my sink clean (and empty)
~ do one load of laundry each day (incl. wash/dry/fold AND put away)
~ start building a Household Planner
~ declutter at least 15 minutes each day
~ dry dishes & put away instead of just leaving to air dry on the rack
~ Organize, Organize, Organize
~ When finances permit purchase needed furniture (dressers, entertainment units etc.)

General ~ to improve relationship with my son
Specific ~ more positive comments
~ more patience (and therefore less yelling)
~ Offer to play instead of being asked
~ Read at least once a day (not including bedtime)

~ stop obsessing over placement/papers: COMMIT & STICK IT DOWN ALREADY!
~ complete at least 5 mini albums for myself
~ create cards for all celebrations (bday/anniversary/holiday/new baby)
~ create 20 other cards
~ use the supplies I have on hand (no shopping! - except with g.c.'s if given)

~ no spending $$ on scrapbooking except adhesives
~ write down and track all debts and start paying down
~ save for new camera

OTHER: ~ limit t.v. veg time; try to do something while watching such as fold laundry or tidy up, wash dishes on commercials etc.

Wow, it seems like such a long list! Hopefully I will at least be able to tackle the household chores. I haven't exactly been perfect the first 6 days but at least I have been plogging thru it. And it feels good to get it done!


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