How Often do I backup?

Okay, so in order to keep my blog going I have decided that I will join a blogger group (a scrapbook one of course) and answer one question a day. Today's question often do I back up my pictures etc. on my hard drive. Answer: Very rarely and I should do it WAAAY more often. You would think I would be religious about this since I've had a hard drive failure 3x with this computer. Once I was able to recover the pics but the last time I wasn't able to and I lost Kyler's (my youngest ds') 6 weeks to 6 months baby pictures that I hadn't backed up. That was devastating. So, maybe I'll back them up on CD today! Of course CD's/DVD's really nly last so long 2- 20 years. I should really print my pics as I upload them to my computer so at least I have a physical copy should my computer crash and there is really no excuse for that except for laziness, cost is not so much an issue b/c I can get 4x6 prints for 6 cents. Ideally though I would like to have an online backup, of course, that can get quite expensive but if I could afford it would definitely be worth it in case of a hard drive failure or theft of the computer.

So far my Resolutions are going well. While I may not be doing them EVERY day they are getting done more regularly than before. For example dishes don't take me an hour to wash. Nor are they overflowing from the sink to cover the counters and stove. My laundry pile is manageable ~ although don't get me started on the overflowing drain in the floor! I am trying to do more things with Jaedenn and working on not automatically saying no to play requests or giving a big sigh when he asks me for the umpteenth time to come over and look at his video game right after I sat down in my chair after his last request.

On the scrapbooking front I am trying to get my husband to go to Staples for me and buy me some transparencies I need for my SIL's VERY tardy Xmas present. I want to finish it by this Sunday. We are going over to his parents for supper and I am assuming she will be there and I want to give it to her.


Linda said…
I have some of the same resolutions as you. Flylady helped me a lot in getting organized. It still isn't perfect but it is much better than where I was before

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