Quilty and Sewing To Do List

Welcome to my (daunting) to do list!  I'm hoping this will help me to keep track of my current projects, works in progress, BOM's and QAL's, as well as projects I am interested in starting...one day.

  1. Double Irish chain - baby size?
  2.  coral baby quilt (pieced)
  3.  Tulip Helix baby quilt
  4.  Fishy quilt templates printed
  5.  Double Hourglass quilt (using Creative Grids ruler) (started)
  6.  Bullseye quilt
  7.  Modern log cabin quilt
  8. Tone It Down QAL
  9. Penny Patch QAL baby quilt
  10. Butter Churn baby quilt for Amanda and Jamal (completed!)
  11. Star Light Star Bright QAL
  12. Love quilt for Rachel (completed!)
  13. swiss cross baby quilt (similar to this in style) (one block complete)

Apple (for Mom)
Pinwheel quilt
Odd Goose Out baby quilt

Non Quilty Sewing
butterfly ohszippedcase
1 pair itty bitty baby shoes pattern printed
1 pair of Baby TOMS (in progress)


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