July Goal

I have decided to join A Lovely Year of Finishes and put in a goal for July.  You have to pick one thing to finish and link it up by the 7th of the month. Then if you link up your finish in the last 7 days of the month you can win prizes!  How awesome is that eh?!  So my single goal for this month is...  

To sandwich, quilt and bind this quilt.  I would also like a name for this quilt.  Any ideas?  They remind me a bit of those things in racing video games that you try to drive over to get super speed?  I don't know if those have a name...  Or I was thinking Odd One Out because there is one single blue "goose" block.  I basically copied this quilt from one that I pinned on Pinterest but I don't know anything about the original.

I had better buy some batting tomorrow or else nothing will be happening with this puppy!  Wish me luck.

Happy Quilting!
Naomi Ruth

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how about flying with the crowd? or crowd pleaser?
I like your geese.
dutchcomfort said…
Hi Naomi, thanks for your visit to my blog! Love your flying geese!

JoanG said…
How about There's one in every bunch (for the odd goose out). This is a really nice quilt.
Heather J said…
It is a lovely top. Caught my eye. How about 'making tracks'?
Georgi said…
I have yet to do a flying geese quilt and I love yours ~ especially with that one little blue goose in the midst of all the black ones!
Love the graphic nature of your design and that you added one block in different color. How about 'flying in all different directions'
Lisa J. said…
This is a really lovely quilt. Especially that single blue goose.
Naomi said…
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions ladies! I think I'm going to take what JoanG said and call it The Odd Goose Out.

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