2014 Finish Along Quarter 3 - List

Sooo...maybe this quarter I can finish this post in time to make the link party at The Littlest Thistle!  Especially since I am starting it at the beginning of June. ;) I am hoping to update some of the photos, although not much has changed with my list - except that it's gotten bigger!  And I finished my Butter Churn in Purple quilt.  Which I'm not even sure was on the last list. lol.

This Apple Cider quilt needs a backing, 
basting, quilting and binding!  It's a queen.

This baby quilt I want to border in more black but
offset the patchwork so it's more in a corner.

 Summer Sampler Quilt Along quilt 
needs six more blocks. And I might re-do the star
block on the bottom right.

I got tired of machine blanket stitching all these triangles on this baby quilt. That is all that has to be done before basting, quilting and binding.

 This quilt was supposed to be a mini quilt made with just one block (the red border was the outside of said block).  But I fell in love and couldn't stop making them. Again, just needs basting, quilting and binding.  I'm calling it Square Foot Garden because it reminds me of photos of square foot gardens which are 4x4 foot gardens where each square foot of garden is planted with a type of vegetable. Check it out here and here and you'll see what I mean.

Random hourglass quilt I started when I bought a Creative Grids specialty ruler.  
I will have to find the ruler before I can finish this one...

My early attempt at a triple Irish Chain quilt.
I think it was a very ambitious scrappy project that ended when I realized I did not have enough greens. 
My stash has grown since then...but I think it will either turn into a table runner or small quilt

The blocks for my Sweet Baby Pinks quilt  version of the Sweet Baby Blues quilt still need to be made.  
2 down, 33 more to go...

This one needs to be quilted and bound. 
Need a backing fabric first. This one is my July ALYOF goal.

The Swisslandia quilt top needs to be pieced, quilted, bound.
The plan is to have the one red swiss cross and the rest black.

And last but highest priority is this one. 
The long overdue birthday quilt for my sister.  
I only have 2 blocks done.

Can you tell what my favourite part of quilting is yet?  Haha.

Happy quilting!


Marly said…
I love your Square foot garden quilt; all those little pinwheels look like tiny flowers. The red frames are a nice unique touch.

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