2018 Planning Party

QuiltingJetGirl has invited us to create our goals and plan or write out our thoughts for 2018.  And I thought What the heck? Why not?  Although I do tend to be in the majority of the population who forgets what my goals are by week 2, I figure it never hurts to try.  So, here we go:

QUILTY - finish 5 quilts 
Now these can be already works in progress or new from start to finish but finished and bound by the end of the year.  Keep up with my blog.


Bring in more storage and end the clutter!  Add some stylish decor would be nice too.


Have more family experiences. Go outside.  


Get 8 hours of sleep.  Wake up early. Practice yoga and meditation and gratitude daily.


Thank you so much for linking up; I especially like your Personal goals for 2018. I hope you have a joyous year!

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