2017 Q1 Goals

I did not complete a single w.i.p for all of 2016.  Sad I know.  I joined swaps and a bee, which took up a lot of my sewing time.  Although, I have more w.i.p.'s than I started the year with.  Doh!  Oh, short attention span, how I loathe thee.  I always have the need to start "all the things".  But I never finish them.  That is going to change this year though.  Do you ever have that feeling that you just need to start doing?  I normally get the feeling when looking a fabric on blogs or on IG, that I need to be buying!  Lately, when that happens I think - I have so much fabric that I am not using... and it kind of deflates the buying feeling and then I get the feeling I should be doing...sewing!  Am I right?  Sew now, so when I get the buying feeling I can do the buying (without the guilt)!  Since this year started the main project on my list - the LOVE quilt - is a completed top with border and the quilting pattern has been picked out.  Now I just have to clean up enough space on my floor that I can sandwich it's queen sized butt!

So, the list! Projects 1 - 12 on my list are also part of the UFO Challenge 2017 hosted by allpeoplequilt.com so, at some point this year, they will all get worked on and maybe even completed!

1. Apple quilt (top complete)

2. Sweet Baby Pinks
3. Atlantic Seas
4. Odd Goose Out (quilting started)
5. Coral Baby (top complete - add borders? make bigger?)
6. LOVE quilt (top complete)
7. Zig Zag baby
8. Crossroads QAL kit
9. Swiss Cross
10. Windmill (top complete)
12. Scraptastic Sampler
13. butterfly ohszippedcase
14. BeehiveJohanna bee quilt - 10 blocks (one not pictured)
15. Necessary Clutch Wallet
16. Diamond Path mini - no one is allowed to sit on this stool! lol
blocks I gave away - there may have been others too

Eek! This list is getting long and i haven't even listed all my w.i.p's!  I did give away some blocks for #getyourquiltywishesgranted2 that I knew I would never put into a quilt.  Now they will get made into a quilt by someone else! That makes me happy.

I'm going to try to keep up with the #52weekswithTheQuiltersPlanner on IG. I missed the first block because I didn't know about it but I want to keep up from here on out and hopefully my planner will help me to do that.

I also joined @cpeicheff for the #2017sewingbookchallenge . I have many books (paper & digital), magazines and printed patterns that I have not used.  Read, yes. Some many times over, but no projects made from them.  It's time to make them work for the money I have spent on them! Haha, take that books on the shelf!  What books do you have that you purchased but still haven't made anything from?
17. Rag doll (or three)


Little Opal said…
I'm really curious about the fabric you chose for your Necessary Clutch Wallet. It looks so interesting!

Naomi said…
It is a beautiful print isn't it? It's from Quilting Treasures. The only other thing it says on the selvedge is www.kimmidoll.com. Hope that helps you find it!

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