Q2 Goal List

clockwise from top left:
1. Girl Baby Quilt - to be quilted and bound
2. Mr. Sir's - foundation piece more stars, piece together quilt, bind
3. Swiss Cross - piece, quilt, bind
4. Odd Goose Out - finish quilting, bind
5. Pepper Oh How Sweet! Zipped Case
6. Girl Baby Quilt 2 - piece, quilt, bind
7. Rachel's True Love Quilt - piece, quilt, bind
8. ZigZag baby quilt - anchor zigs, quilt, bind

No more swaps!...until I finish at least some of these.  The most urgent of which are #7 and #2.  They are years behind, one is a teacher thank you gift and one will bring true love...or so they say. ;)

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2016 FAL


Tami D said…
You have some fabulous projects here! I especially like that zig zag baby quilt! Good luck to you!

Tami @ sewmuchforfreetime.blogspot.com

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