A Finish! A Mistake. And a Story.


I was going to have it done for the baby shower in December.

I was going to have it done before the baby's due date. 

I was going to have it done...and it is! :)

My Butter Churn in Purple quilt is complete. 

I hand stitched the baby's name and birthdate into the bottom right corner.  If you look really closely you can kind of see it in the photos.  I did take close up pictures to show you..but then I realized the mama might not appreciate having her baby's full name and birth date plastered "all over" the internet (not that my blog gets read much). lol.  The front is made with Kona Purple and I think Bone.  It is backed in a patterned minky that I don't know the name of but matches beautifully.  I found it at my LQS.  I finished it at almost 2am the night before my partner Robert left to go to Montreal for a visit  to see the baby and her mama (his niece).

A Mistake. And a Story...

Ohhhhh, the quilt exchange.  It happened in the hallway of the college I work at and went something like this:

Robert: I have to hurry to catch my flight.  Where's the quilt?
(me wearing a big smile, grabbing the quilt)
Me: You have to see it.  I finished embroidering the name!
Robert: I'm running behind & I'm going to miss my flight if I don't leave 15 minutes ago.
Me: You have to see it. It'll only take 10 seconds.
(as I unfurl the folded quilt in dramatic fashion)
Robert: It's beautiful. 
(looking at quilt)
Robert: It's a good thing we spelled the name right.
Me: Yeahhhh...it is... (said with slight confusion) 
Robert with eyebrows raised...look on face that says "Didn't you catch the sarcasm - hint, hint?"
Me: What?! Seriously?! It's right isn't it???! ...(said with increasingly higher pitched voice)
Robert: No. It's wrong. (as he shakes his head)
Me:   You're joking. RIGHT?! RIGHT?! Oh God say you're joking!!??!
Robert: No, I'm not. It's spelled with an F.
(as I frantically try to grab the quilt back)
Me: You can't take it! I have to fix it. You can't give it to her like that! Seriously. Give. it. back.
(holding quilt slightly closer to him as he slowly backs away from crazy person)
Robert: I have to go or I'm going to miss my flight...It'll be fine. 
Me: No! I have to fix it...Umm...Okay, what about you bring it and show it to her...but take it and bring it back? So I can fix it...we can mail it back to her.
(still backing away)
Robert: I'm sure it'll be fine. I'll see if I can get my sister or mom to fix it...
Me: Umm...Okay...but they won't have the right thread!  Maybe if they unpick it carefully it might work... If only I had the thread and my needle with me I'd come with you to the airport...I could fix it...

It has been received now and I have heard from the mama that she is not worried about the name (it's spelled the Italian way) and is sorry it caused me so much anxiety.  Apparently, the rest of the family spells it wrong too. Probably not on something so permanent, but I am comforted by that fact.  I bet we will all spell it right now.  And I have learned that if you are putting a name on your quilt...double check the spelling.

Happy Quilting!
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Margaret said…
I'm pretty sure she's happier to have such a beautiful quilt than to worry about spelling. That's a lucky baby!
Kris said…
Great story! My mom always said that something like that is not a mistake but part of the quilt.
Lorna McMahon said…
Such a beautiful finish, Naomi! The backing is perfect and looks so soft! What a wonderful gift. Hey... Everyone makes mistakes.
Rachel said…
Oh no! What an unfortunate story! A very pretty quilt, I love the simplicity of color on the front and the pattern on the back.
Maryse said…
Love this quilt! I don't think I ever saw that design before...Is it really purple? I see blue...Love the design. Funny about the name.:)

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