Economy Block

I am pretty good at procrastinating but I only have 2 more of these babies to go before I have enough to mail out for my Progressive Swap group on Threadbias.  The deadline for mail out is March 30th.  Of course, I wanted to get them done before March 1st! can decide whether that qualifies as procrastinating or not. lol. Personally, I'm counting it as early!  

I used all scraps for these and they are paper pieced.  They are being mailed with the paper still on.  I may even make more.  Not that I have a lot but they really didn't make a dent in my scraps.  However, trying to find scraps that go together and are the right size(s) is a little addicting.  Plus, it's fun to look through and be reminded of all the fabrics I've used and the projects that I used them for.


dq said…
Thank you for commenting on my quilt design. I was on a fabric fast for a couple of years so I understand. You are welcome to follow along on the blog to watch them being made if that will satisfy your cravings.

Thanks again,
Nilya said…
Isn´t this a fantastic block? Looks so great!

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