One Little Word Checklist

So, in order to help me keep tabs on what I want to do with my O.L.W. I will be recording ideas and then crossing off things so that I have a record and can see what I have done. Hopefully this will help me to keep organized as well!


  1. organize a "date" for us once a month
  2. arrange "Jaedenn time" once a week (@ home)
  3. solo dance rehersal every day
  4. Make Father's Day crafts
  5. Create a binder for his papers
  6. arrange dates for sleep overs 1 Friday / month
  7. teach Jaedenn to sew (see #1 under Crafts)
  1. chores for the boys, use checklists/sticker chart
  2. Jaedenn choose his clothes for the week (include in chore list?)
  3. clean out toy room and donate the good toys (to a shelter?)
  4. create a family calendar
  5. create a family binder
  6. pre-plan and pre-make weekday dinners on the weekends - especially weekends without boys
  7. Re-shingle the roof
  1. create some pillow cases with J to donate to (a women's shelter?)
  2. quilt for Jaedenn - mostly yellows (ended up being multi colored with grey bkgrd)
  3. create some preemie blankets to donate to local hospital NICU
  4. create some quilts for the local cancer center
  5. create teenage boys quilts for local shelter
  6. create a Valentine's day layout for all of Jaedenn's school valentines
  7. Create a School Binder for J & K with page protectors to hold school crafts & report cards, about me questionaires, take pictures of big crafts & stick inside, add school pictures.
Charity (also see crafting)
  1. donate all the small hotel toiletries to a women's shelter

  1. complete "Goals" course
  2. arrange for Break Time


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